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The desire to keep in shape, the motivation to dedicate yourself to a constant workout regime and the aspiration towards strength, vitality or a slim toned body, are only some of the ideals Premium Wellness Institute will help you achieve.

Fitness&Cardio exercises contribute not only to weight loss, increased muscle mass, body toning, stimulating circulation and detoxification; they are also extremely beneficial for recharging your energy levels, regaining your natural balance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The centre provides ultra-modern professional grade equipment for full body workout, covering all muscle groups, so you can benefit from the most efficient training sessions in order to achieve your goals. To ensure that your results are visibly noticeable and that every exercise is performed correctly, our specialized training staff is permanently available for guidance and support.

All you have to do is begin…

Irina Spânu

Fitness trainer

Sports and a healthy lifestyle underlie her activity as a fitness instructor and swimming coach of over 5 years.

For Premium Wellness Institute clients, she can create customized fitness, body maintenance or dieting programs, that effectively counter the challenges and effects of modern life.

April 2018