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Premium Wellness Institute Medical Rehabilitation Clinic underlies three fundamental prerequisites:

Health is the result of the attention we are paying to our body.

Health is the outcome of our constant concern for our wellness.

Wellness must be a priority for both a human in good or bad health.

The Clinic is focused on the medical rehabilitatin and the functional re-education of the patients with various pathologies, as it has been designed and equipped so as to be able to deal with all subjects in need for recovery programs and more. The implementation of the kinetoprophylaxis and of the ‚bounce back’ programs is also on our agenda.

Premium Wellness Institute is best defined by commitment and professionalism in dealing with each diagnostic, from minor to major diseases, from a team comprising experienced specialists and licensed therapists.

The Clinic is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Elena-Luminiţa Sidenco, a medical specialist with over 20 years of experience in post-traumatic, orthopaedics, neurological, rheumatology, pediatrics rehabilitation.