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Tennis court

At Premium Wellness Institute you can enjoy your favourite sports throughout the year, regardless of the season. The four tennis courts that we offer are suitable for both outdoor and indoor matches and training sessions.

For a pleasant and comfortable experience, the air dome that covers our tennis courts is equipped with detachable side panels to let the air in and a top structure that protects you from direct sunlight. During the colder months, the dome shields you against the elements, while and its heating system provides optimal conditions to ensure a rigorous training session.

Following the international standards regarding size regulations, equipped with safe zones, night lighting, detachable poles and nets, our tennis courts welcome everyone, professionals and amateurs alike.

Marian Bondrea

Sports Director

With a long-term involvement in professional sports, Marian Bondrea has joined the Premium Wellness Institute team since the beginning, as Sports Director.

He started his football career at Electroputere team, and later played for Universitatea Craiova and Soimii Sibiu. His coaching activity was affiliated with national football clubs, such as FC Inter Sibiu, Universitatea Craiova, FC National, and also international teams.

June 2018