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A healthy lifestyle is reflected in the attention we pay, not only to our body physique, but also to our nutrition. A balanced diet, that strengthens, revitalizes and energizes your entire body should include meals that intelligently combine the science of cooking with the art of taste, providing ultimate culinary experiences.

The restaurant at Premium Wellness Institute refines and completes the range of high-end services we offer. To meet the highest expectations and the most demanding of tastes, while ensuring optimal vitality, energy and health, our chefs carefully create the menu alongside nutrition professionals.

The attention to detail can be observed in the quality of our exquisite dishes, in the expert services we offer, but also in the very special atmosphere and interior design of our restaurant. A refreshing combination of modernism and refinement invites you to recharge and unwind at the Premium Wellness Institute Restaurant.


Morning Delights

Each Premium Wellness Institute course is a true piece of culinary art that you can savour from the earliest hours of the morning. The carefully selected ingredients and the unique symphony of flavours that our gastronomy masters orchestrate, embody the perfect start for a day brimming with energy and vitality.

Discover the elegance of each Premium Wellness Institute course!

Midday Indulgence

Premium Wellness Institute challenges you to a journey of the senses as you treat yourself to a few moments of respite and enjoy a delicious lunch. As genuine artists of fusion cuisine, our master chefs invite you to immerse in a synergy of assorted flavours and textures that will delight and arouse your taste buds.

We recommend: Risotto nero di sepia with Seafood and Prosecco Mousse.

Recomandarea noastră: Risotto nero di sepia cu fructe de mare şi spumă de prosecco.

Discover the elegance of each Premium Wellness Institute course!

Gourmet Excellency in the Evening

Dinner is an absolute experience at Premium Wellness Institute. Each recipe is an exquisite culinary masterpiece devised with talent, creativity and refinement, to meet the highest of expectations and satisfy the most ambitious demands.

We recommend: Tournedos Rossini with Truffles and Red Wine, served with stir-fry vegetables and potato purée.

Discover the elegance of each Premium Wellness Institute course!

Lounge & Bar

Enhance your gourmet experience with a noble wine that delicately resonates with your main course, or enjoy the subtle notes of a fragrant cocktail while relaxing at Premium Wellness Institute’s Rooftop or Pool Lounges.

Nutritious Delicacies

Choose a balanced lifestyle and enjoy the Premium Wellness Institute culinary delights that exquisitely combine nutritional expertise with the most refined flavors and paramount chef artistry.

We recommend: Fitness Salad with Goat Cheese, Red Grapefruit and Quinoa Discover the elegance of each Premium Wellness Institute course!

Discover the elegance of each Premium Wellness Institute course!