Premium Wellness Institutes facilities include a sector designed for outdoor athletics. Four sprint tracks, a long jump pit and track, and an area designed for throwing sports, allow athletics enthusiasts to practice, exercise and train in their activity of choice.

Each track lane has a length of 110m, abiding by official standards, while the running surface is resistant to UV radiations and climate changes, thus ensuring all conditions are met to facilitate specialised training.


The athletics sector at Premium Wellness Institute welcomes all outdoor sports enthusiasts, while it allows individual training for various competitions and events.

Marian Bondrea

Sports Director
With a long-term involvement in professional sports, Marian Bondrea has joined the Premium Wellness Institute team since the beginning, as Sports Director. He started his football career at Electroputere team, and later played for Universitatea Craiova and Soimii Sibiu. His coaching activity was affiliated with national football clubs, such as FC Inter Sibiu, Universitatea Craiova, FC National, and also international teams.