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Swimming pool

The beauty of swimming lies in its power to dynamically engage the entire body, relax the mind, boost metabolism and promote toned, supple muscles.

Premium Wellness Institute accommodates two semi-Olympic sized pools, one outdoor and one indoor, each with their own professional swimming coaches, diving boards and lounge areas. Regardless of your physical fitness, swimming will be an added benefit to your health, and our experts will be there to teach you how to properly execute this rewarding sport.

If you aim for a toned body, health, vitality and well-being, or if you simply yearn for a day of leisure by the pool alongside loved ones, we welcome you to enjoy each experience with us.

Irina Spânu

Fitness trainer

Sports and a healthy lifestyle underlie her activity as a fitness instructor and swimming coach of over 5 years.

For Premium Wellness Institute clients, she can create customized fitness, body maintenance or dieting programs, that effectively counter the challenges and effects of modern life.

June 2020