A healthy lifestyle is reflected in the attention we pay, not only to our body physique, but also to our nutrition. A balanced diet, that strengthens, revitalizes and energizes your entire body should include meals that intelligently combine the science of cooking with the art of taste, providing ultimate culinary experiences.

The restaurant at Premium Wellness Institute refines and completes the range of high-end services we offer. To meet the highest expectations and the most demanding of tastes, while ensuring optimal vitality, energy and health, our chefs carefully create the menu alongside nutrition professionals.

The attention to detail can be observed in the quality of our exquisite dishes, in the expert services we offer, but also in the very special atmosphere and interior design of our restaurant. A refreshing combination of modernism and refinement invites you to recharge and unwind at the Premium Wellness Institute Restaurant.

Conference Hall

The place where networking and social interaction are materialized into successful projects.


The perfect place to rest and unwind.