Is the desire to keep fit and have a toned up body your goal?

Fitness&Cardio training sessions at Premium Wellness Institute will not only make you lose weight but also have your muscle mass increased, your body sculpted and detoxified and blood circulation stimulated. 

Our Centre features the latest professional equipment, the best to work on all the muscle groups so you can enjoy the most efficient training, depending on your objectives.

Should you go for cardio or fitness? The best solution is a program to include both fitness and cardio exercises.  Talk to one of our specialized trainers at Premium Wellness Institute and find out how you can improve your strength training.

Regain your inner balance and stay healthy!

Dan Pralea

Fitness instructor and nutritionist
He has been working as a fitness instructor for over 15 years and strongly believes that the power of change is in each person, and physical and mental health as well as excellent fitness can be maintained by balancing a healthy diet, effective training and positive thinking. At Premium Wellness Institute, it identifies customer requirements so that the personalized body and fitness program or diet, which meets the old modern challenges, is stabilized.

Oana Dan

Fitness instructor
Her goal in the world of sports was to perform. She was part of the national gymnastics team, and over the years she became a multiple national and international champion in both artistic gymnastics and aerobic gymnastics.

She was also part of the band "AEROS", which was composed of gymnasts and which by the time Oana became part of the team, was already walking around the world for 10 years (the show being compared to Cirque du Soleil). The band has performed in Australia, Hong Kong and almost all of Europe, in at least 12 American states, culminating in 3 weeks on Broadway and front-page appearances in the acclaimed New York Times.

Her motto: Movement means health!