Football enthusiasts can score memorable goals on the Premium Wellness Institute football field. A natural grass playing surface, adhering to the official standard sizing regulations (105m x 67m), equipped with fixed and mobile goals and boasting a spectator stand that accommodates up to 1700 people, creates the perfect setting for a simple friendly match to seem worthy of Champions League.

You can enjoy football every late evening, as well. Our football field is equipped with night lighting which makes the game area usable at all hours.

The Premium Wellness Institute football field is suited for both amateur and qualified players, while the overall complexity of our centre facilitates training camps and official practice sessions for professional athletes.

Marian Bondrea

Sports Director
With a long-term involvement in professional sports, Marian Bondrea has joined the Premium Wellness Institute team since the beginning, as Sports Director. He started his football career at Electroputere team, and later played for Universitatea Craiova and Soimii Sibiu. His coaching activity was affiliated with national football clubs, such as FC Inter Sibiu, Universitatea Craiova, FC National, and also international teams.