About us

Beauty. Balance. Health. Strenght

Premium Wellness Institute is a complex synergy of unique experiences, both for the body and spirit.

Our philosophy is built on the foundation of four principles -beauty,balance, health and strength.

These are key ideals for each and every one of us and despite appearances, they are never truly gone, but rather fall into neglect due to the dynamics of modern life.

Today, society steals away the time needed for the development and cultivation of one’s health, adversely, allowing no moment of physical or mental weakness. Health, strength and balance are essential both to the completion of the most menial of tasks, as well as to the highest, most precious of goals.

Fortunately, the human body is much stronger than it may seem and its ability to regenerate is proportional to your desire for recovery. It’s in your nature to aim for harmony and balance, so the first and most important step is the aspiration towards self-improvement.

Our approach to wellness and health is a unique and harmonious confluence of elements: from relaxation, rejuvenation and beauty.

Beyond passion and professionalism, lies the expertise of each member of our team and the constant perfecting of their skills and qualifications.

We select the best fitness trainers and massage therapists to help you reach your maximum potential in a short time and with minimum risks, they create personalized programs and supervise your progress closely.

Our centre provides ultra-modern fitness equipment, boot camp level soccer, SPA, sauna, hammam, hotel, restaurant and a conference and events hall. These are but a few of the unique facilities you are invited to discover.

Imagine a place where professional expertise meets luxury and high end services, and you will understand what Premium Wellness Institute is all about.